qmail-smtpd logging patch  

this patch is against a vanilla qmail-1.01.
it enhances qmail-smtpd to log the reason why an address was rejected and also if the address was allowed.
these are examples for the three different log messages:

   spamcheck: pid 4809: rejected: domain not in allowed rcpthosts: mtroncoso%isc.cl@lamer.de
   spamcheck: pid 4813: rejected: sender in badmailfrom list: bgates@microsoft.com
   spamcheck: pid 4657: addrallowed: 1: maex@space.net
in the last line the number in front of the email address shows whether RELAYCLIENT environment variable was set (1) or not (0).

the patch modifies the file:


   qmail-remote outgoingip patch  

this patch is against a vanilla qmail-1.01.
it allows you to specify an ip address that qmail-remote uses to deliver outgoing emails. to accomplish this an additional control file
is used to hold the ip address, which - of course - has to be associated with one of the interfaces. if the file does not exist or does contain
the default interface is used.

the patch modifies three files:

Copyright © 1997 Markus 'Maex' Stumpf
created: Mon Oct 6 19:45:47 MET DST 1997
last modified: Wed Dec 27 21:18:57 CET 2000