version: 0.01 (15 Dec 2000)

Warning: the 0.01 version had a bug which caused it not to match X-RBL-Check values correctly (e.g. if they contained "." and other special characters). version 0.02 fixes this problem

disclaimer: this package is based on code taken from mess822-0.58 written by D. J. Bernstein. It may or may not work with previous/later versions of the mess822 package.

822xrblcheck reads an 822-format mail message from its standard input and matches (case insensitive) the contents of X-RBL-Check fields from the message against the rblids given on the command line

  • if no X-RBL-Check field is found it exists 1.
  • if no rblid matches the X-RBL-Check field(s) it exists 1.
  • if a rblid matches the X-RBL-Check field(s) it exists 0
    the message "rejected: sending host is listed with <rblid>" is written to stdout, where <rdblid> is the rblid that had the first match.
  • if an error condition is encountered it exists 111.
822xrblcheck is intended to be used in .qmail files like:
   |bouncesaying "no messages from blacklisted hosts accepted" /path/to/822xrblcheck MAPS-DUL MAPS-RSS
this will cause all messages to be rejected that contain - anywhere in the header of the message - either one or both of the lines
   X-RBL-Check: MAPS-DUL
   X-RBL-Check: MAPS-RSS
note: there is a flaw/undocumented feature in bouncesaying: if program prints something to stdout this text is sent back in case of a bounce instead of the error message supplied to bouncesaying.

the X-Check-RBL headers can be inserted with my qmail-smtpd addon together with my rblsmtpd tagging addon.


Copyright © 2000 Markus 'Maex' Stumpf
created: Fri Dec 15 22:13:32 CET 2000
last modified: Fri Dec 15 23:22:46 CET 2000