qmail-smtpd RBLID addon

this patch against a vanilla qmail-1.03 takes the contents of the RBLID environment variable and inserts

    X-RBL-Check: <rblid>

lines in the header of the message for every (whitespace separated) rblid found in the RBLID environment variable.

this modification has also been incorporated in qmail-ldap thanks to Henning Brauer. For more information see the qmail-ldap documentation.



would result in the following lines inserted in the header:

    X-RBL-Check: MAPS-RSS
    X-RBL-Check: MAPS-DUL
    X-RBL-Check: ORBS

this can be used together with my 822xrblcheck package and my rblsmtpd tagging addon to tag messages and allow users to reject messages that have specific RBL ids from within a .qmail file.


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