rblsmtpd tagging addon  

version: 0.01 (15 Jan 2001)

disclaimer: this addon is based on code of ucspi-tcp-0.88 written by D. J. Bernstein. It may or may not work with previous/later versions of the ucspi-tcp package.

rblsmtpd blocks mail from RBL-listed sites. It works with any SMTP server that can run under tcpserver. this addon allows for tagging messages with X-RBL-Check header fields. it adds a

    -p rblid:base
option to the standard rblsmtpd options. if an ip has a TXT record in a RBL source base, the rblid will be put in the environment variable RBLID. if you specify more than one -p option the rblids of the RBL sources that list the ip will be separated by spaces.
  • in order to add X-RBL-Check header lines from the RBLID environment variable you also need my addon to qmail-smtpd.
  • to allow users to filter messages based on X-RBL-Check header lines in their .qmail files you may want to have a look at my 822xrblcheck package.


    rblsmtpd -p SPC:rbltest.space.net [program]
will result in RBLID="SPC" if the ip of the connector is listed in the RBL rbltest.space.net. this will also result in a log entry like
    rblsmtpd: pid 5591: RBLID="SPC"



Copyright © 2001 Markus 'Maex' Stumpf
created: Tue Jan 16 20:47:56 2001 +0100
last modified: Thu May 22 23:03:34 2003 +0200