qmail modifications and docs

Other infos:

qmail-smtpd W32/Sober-G block

the qmail-smtpd W32/Sober-G block patch is against a vanilla netqmail-1.05/qmail-1.03 and adds support for blocking the W32/Sober-G worm.

old (qmail-1.01) patches

I have moved the qmail-smtpd logging and the qmail-remote outgoingip patches to another location. Please have a look at the oldpatches page.

qmail-smtpd RBLID addon

the qmail-smtpd RBLID patch is against a vanilla qmail-1.03. it takes the contents of the RBLID environment variable and inserts X-RBL-Check: <rblid> lines in the header of the message for every (whitespace separated) rblid found in the RBLID environment variable.

this modification has also been incorporated in qmail-ldap thanks to Henning Brauer. For more information see the qmail-ldap documentation.

qmail-smtpd badmailfrom unknown addon

the qmail-smtpd badmailfrom unknown patch is against a vanilla qmail-1.03. it adds another controlfile control/badmailfrom-unknown to qmail-smptd that works just like the control/badmailfrom file but is only consulted for hosts that don't have a PTR record in DNS.

qmail-pop3d logging addon

the qmail-pop3d logging patch is against a vanilla qmail-1.03. it adds logging capabilities for user logon/logoff and bytes transferred.

qmail-send retry timetable

the chart illustrates the qmail retry timetable.

qmail delivery statistics

some graphs and analysis of qmail deliveries on a dedicated machine running a newsletter type mailinglist with ezmlm. the comparison is based on analysis of three data sets of deliveries with concurrencyremote set to 150, 250 and 500. (lots of images!!)
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